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Swift Box No. 16

Swift Box No. 16

Swift nest boxes for installation in external walls of buildings or for adding to the external surface of the wall.

If wall insulation is installed this box can also be inserted into the insulating layer. Its solid construction makes this type suitable for very exposed, sunny positions, free from any restrictions. The maximum depth to which it can be inserted is 17 cm, and this is determined by the position of the entrance hole on the underside. The box then projects by about 3 cm.

  • Interior dimensions: H 17 cm x W 36 cm x D 16 cm.
  • External dimensions: H 24 cm x W 43 cm x D 22 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 11 kgs. (Carriage Charges are applicable)
2M Nest Box

2M Nest Box

This box also has a brood chamber with an internal diameter of 12 cm. It differs, however, in that it can be freely suspended and has a conical roof. These features protect against cats and deter martens. It is very popular in private gardens and especially around fruit trees, mainly in areas where the trees are short and have many branches. The front panels of the 1B and 2M are interchangeable. The different sized entrance holes can be matched to the predominant species of birds in the locality.

The 2M is supplied with the ordered hanger. With the FT Hanger the 2M is supplied with all the necessary attachments and three aluminium nails.

The Nest Box 2M is available with 3 different hanging methods.

  • External dimensions: H 35 x W 16 x D 17 cm.
  • Interior of nesting chamber: l 12 cm.
  • Weight: approx. ca. 3.7 kgs (Carriage Charges are applicable)
2H Nest Box

2H Nest Box

  • Suitable for: Black Redstart, Pied Wagtail, Grey Spotted Flycatcher, occasionally Robin and Wren.
  • External dimensions: H 20 x W 15 x D 20 cm.
  • Interior of nesting chamber: l 12 cm.

This traditional type has proved to be highly effective. It should always be installed on the outside walls of houses, barns, garden sheds, etc. It is designed to be hung so that the entrance is to one side (at an angle of 90° to the wall). The front panel can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • Material: Nestbox made of SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
  • Scope of delivery: Nestbox, galvanized hanger and aluminium nail.
  • Weight: approx. 2.5 kgs. (Carriage Charges are applicable)
1B Nest Box with 32mm Hole

1B Nest Box with 32mm Hole

The internal diameter of this nest box is 12 cm. It is usually attached to a tree using the aluminium nail. It can also be hung from a branch.

The front panels, which can be bought separately, are interchangeable between model 1B, 2M and 2F, and can easily be removed from the nest box.

Different entrance hole sizes are available to prevent birds from competing with one another for the boxes.

  • External Dimensions: H 26 x W 17 x D 18 cm.
  • Internal Diameter: l 12 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 3.6 kgs.
  • Entrance hole 32 mm
  • Occupants: Great-, Blue-, Marsh-, Coal- and Crested Tit, Redstart, Nuthatch, Collared and Pied Flycatcher, Wryneck, Tree and House Sparrows, bats. (Carriage Charges are applicable)
1FR Bat Tube

1FR Bat Tube

This Tube system meets the characteristic behavioural requirements of the types of bats that inhabit buildings. The design maintains excellent climatic conditions inside the Tube, allowing the animals to either hang onto the wooden rear or onto the wood-concrete front. It requires no maintenance because droppings fall out of the entrance ramp.

  • Suitable for: Bat species that inhabit buildings.
  • Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete with integrated wooden panel onto which the bats can cling.
  • Dimensions: height 47.5 x width 20 x depth 12.5 cm.
  • Entrance: W 15 x H 9 x D 2 cm.
  • Weight: approx. 9.8 kgs. (Carriage Charges are applicable)
2FR Bat Tube

2FR Bat Tube

This maintenance-free concept enables Bat Tubes to be built into the masonry of a wall. A number of Tubes can be placed next to one another in modular form to create much larger spaces with transverse connecting holes. Each Tube has three different types of internal partition. One of the special features is an optional passage through the rear panel: this enables existing cavities occupied by bats in the walls or structure of a building to be retained, providing an unobtrusive solution when conversion, renovation or insulation work is being carried out on older buildings. The animals can crawl from one Tube to another and through the rear into the existing cavities.

  • Siting: Listed buildings, industrial buildings, bridges and buildings of slab-type construction. Several tubes can be installed together - we recommend connecting at least 3 units together.
  • Suitable for: Bat species that inhabit buildings.
  • Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete with integrated internal partitions.
  • Dimensions: height 47.5 x width 20 x depth 12.5 cm. (Carriage Charges are applicable)
2F Bat Box

2F Bat Box

This general purpose model is suitable for many situations, and has proven particularly successful for the Common Long-eared Bat (Plecotus auritus).

It is also the ideal "starter" box to see if there are bats in your area. It will also be readily accepted temporarily or as a resting place. The spherical interior of the roof area provides an ideal roost for bats. If it is not occupied after a number of years, it is easily converted to a 2M Bird Box by simply changing the front panel.

Providing accommodation for large number of bats and offering good value for money, this bat box should be an integral part of any measures to protect these animals. The front panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning purposes.

Supplied with mounting strap and aluminium nail.

External Dimensions: l 16 cm x 33 cm. Weight: approx. 3.8 kgs. (Carriage Charges are applicable)

Hedgehog Dome with Insulated Base

Hedgehog Dome with Insulated Base

For use as summer home and hibernation in winter

Hedgehogs are a protected species. They usually construct nesting places in hollow tree stumps, piles of wood, dense vegetation and piles of leaves, all of which are becoming harder to find. They will readily occupy our Hedgehog Dome, which provides year round accommodation, including hibernation quarters. Hedgehogs are welcome visitors to gardens because their diet consists of Snails, Caterpillars, Millipedes, etc.

  • Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. Brown protective coating for a balanced temperature
  • Siting: Choose somewhere protected from wind and rain. Try and avoid placing the Dome where the animals have to cross a lawn because these are mainly damp at night.
  • Nesting material: Ideally fill with hay (supplied with the Dome) but alternatively use dry leaves and straw, as well as cut up newspaper and wood shavings.


  • Interior: Ø 44 cm Height: 28 cm Entrance: 11 x 12 cm Exterior: ca. Ø 50 cm
  • Colour: Classic Brown  (Carriage Charges are applicable)

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